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Riyadh allows Saudi women to do business without the guardian's consent!
18 February 2018

Riyadh - Nisaa FM: - Saudi women reported that women in the kingdom will not need the consent of their guardian to start doing business.

Okaz newspaper said that the Maras initiative to improve private sector businesses revealed that women will not need the consent of their parents to start their business, as they can benefit from government services without the need for parental approval or identification. .

The source said that "Maras" headed by the Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Majid al-Kasabi, indicated that coordination with 8 key government bodies including the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Trade and Investment and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, in order to support "promising projects, To visit the Notary Public or the notary to document the Company's Memorandum of Association, after allowing the completion of the electronic process through direct link with the system (Abshar) to verify the identities of partners by text messages. The newspaper quoted the investor Ghada Ghraoui asserting that businesswomen no longer face any obstacles in their own projects, as men, pointing out that "government agencies associated with commercial projects do not require the consent of the guardian to complete their services."