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A child's wishes were met with a report on the work of the police in Hebron
15 February 2018

Hebron - Nisaa FM: - Police today received the girl Dana Maher, a student in the third grade at Rabat Elementary School for Girls, to conduct a press report on the work of the police in Hebron.

The Public Relations and Media Information Department of the police said that the girl wanted to hold a press conference on the work of the police force to publish it in her school. The Hebron Police Department of Public Relations and Information received the girl and organized a tour of the various police departments.

The statement added that a number of questions were asked about the nature of the traffic police, its role in organizing the services and activities, and giving lectures on traffic awareness among school students, as well as the citizen's duties towards the police officer and the obstacles and challenges faced by the police during their daily work. The answer to the questions posed by, Maj Yousef Al-Haj Masir, Traffic Department in the governorate police.

For her part, the student expressed her thanks and appreciation to the police to meet her request, stressing that this report will be distributed and distributed to all students in her school to know the nature of the work of the police and services provided to citizens, hoping to become a journalist after graduating from school.